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Archive for May 2010

19th Century London Today on your smartphone with Augmented Reality

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1001 Stories of Denmark, crowdsourcing and digital storytelling

The website on Danish cultural heritage “1001 stories about Denmark” is a great example of crowdsourcing and digital storytelling. Here you can read stories from 1001 locations in Denmark. You can add and recommend your favorite locations in Denmark, comment on the existing places and stories, upload

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Foursquare op Erfgoed 2.0

Op het weblog van Erfgoed 2.0 is een blogpost (van 19 februari) aan Foursquare gewijd: Tijdens Museums and the Web 2010 viel via twitter ook e.e.a. over foursquare te lezen. Als je zoekt op twitter naar Foursquare en Museum vind je al heel wat interessante links:

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The Textile Museum of Canada’s online Social Fabric platform works ingeniously well

Social Fabric works, and works well, because it acknowledges that no online presence can replace the visceral experience of visiting the Toronto museum, and instead opts to recreate the conversations one has with fellow visitors. I guarantee that even if you’ve only ever been to one Textile

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Ask a Curator – September 4th 2010

Ask a Curator looks to build on the success of ‘Follow a museum’ by once again staging a one day event using social media, but this time we will not just ask people to follow a museum, we want them to engage with participating venues by asking

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