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Museumweek20162,825 Cultural institutions participated in #MuseumWeek 2015. Audiences have been able to engage with a massive, wide and versatile cultural production: 640,000 tweets have been written, creating 237 millions of impressions  in 7 days!

#MuseumWeek 2016 will take place from March 28 to April 3 and will focus this year on subjects related to the preservation and celebration of culture, memory and cultural heritage. It will also be led by ideas of tolerance, living together and freedom of expression. These values have indeed been threatened more than ever over the last few years, by the attacks in Paris and at the Bardo Museum in Tunisia, the destructions of architectural sites (Palmyra, Nimrod, Hatra, etc.), the looting of the treasures of the Mosul Museum in Iraq and so on. Sadly, the list is long…

Follow the Twitter account @MuseumWeek. Every institution registered in 2015 will automatically be enrolled for 2016, no need to re-register.

Find out the 7 themes of the 2016’s edition:

Monday 28/03: #secretsMW

Monday is dedicated to discovering your most well-kept secrets! Show a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your museum!

Tuesday 29/03: #peopleMW
Tuesday is dedicated to honor the people -well known or anonymous- who have helped make your museum. Feature your founders, other icons, and current staff members and talk about their expertise!

Wednesday 30/03: #architectureMW
Wednesday is about telling the story of your building(s), your garden(s), your neighborhood or other key locations for your institution. Introduce your museum from a different point of view!

Thursday 31/03: #heritageMW
On Thursday, focus on your tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Help your audience discover the variety of content your institution has on view, in storage or online!

Friday 01/04: #futureMW
On Friday, share your most innovative projects, your barriers to innovation, your research or your institutional goals, all of which can lead to a greater understanding of your future initiatives and developments!

Saturday 02/04: #zoomMW
Saturday zoom in on your content by sharing details and anecdotes that provide an interesting insight into your collection (e.g., images of hands or frames, anecdotes about the origins of a book…).

Sunday 03/04: #loveMW
Sunday, time to share what you love about your place! Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your museum’s greatest attractions (art works, displays, rooms…) and use Twitter as a helping tool for the visit!

Follow the Twitter account @MuseumWeek.